Project Description

CitiSim is an International R&D Project with the ITEA3 seal, involving industrial Partners and Universities from several European consortiums in the business of Smart Cities. As a result, it provides a Smart Services Platform that offers valuable information on multiple urban dimensions, and whose knowledge impacts directly on a large spectrum of users with different interests.

CitiSim Platform integrates sensors and other data sources for continuously monitoring multiple variables of the city in a single platform. In the same way, it develops value-added services with great potential of reusability for citizens, companies and city councils, and it also develops technical solutions for 2D/3D data visualization, simulation and interaction useful for different stakeholders.



From the Blog



CitiSim and I-REACT Projects start collaborating in Emergencies use cases


CitiSim Project is growing up and with this growth its collaborations are getting stronger. CitiSim has the opportunity to increase the community from the perspective of the Emergencies Use Case, and due to it a new agreement of collaboration has been defined with I-REACT project.


Collaboration between CitiSim & Establish


The first collaboration with an ITEA3 project has started, and we are proud to announce that ESTABLISH and CITISIM projects will collaborate to have a higher impact on smart health and smart city markets.


Wizzie joins the CitiSim ecosystem


As a consequence of the interest generated by CITISIM and its strategy to increase the impact in market, a collaboration agreement has been signed with the company Wizzie, becoming a strategic alliance for creating value-added Open Source tools.