Monday, 10th of September of 2018

      Congested traffic is a reality of urban environments, due to road infrastructure problems that can no longer handle the large number of cars. Traffic incidents, working areas, weather conditions make trafficking a major concern for municipalities. Advanced traffic control technologies can lead to more efficient use os road infrastrusture, which reduces traffic congestion, local pollutant emissions and energy consumption.
      The communication capabilities offered by modern mobile devices offer opportunities for developing traffic control applications where vehicles and road infrastructure devices work together to solve traffic problems that directly affect the quality of life. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), for example, those who provide travel information and advice, help reduce congestion and reduce travel time, helping drivers make decisions while driving, ofering more alternative routes.

       MobiWay is a good and very easy to use navigation application.
Unlike other GPS applications, if cannot be used offile, requiring a permanet Internet connection. The application provides both standar and Facebook login.

      The user’s location is detected automatically when the application is started and the desired destination is entered from the keyboard in the “Search place…” field. Suggested routes are always the best options, the routes being time-efficient, the application avoiding very crowded areas. Aggregation and analysis of traffic data is done both by mathematics and statics, and by machine learning using data clustering algorithms and the determination of certain traffic functions.

      The application map has four modes of operation: normal, satellite, hybrid and terrain. Also, depending on the user’s preferences, several points of interest can be displayed: shools, bookstores, banks, hospitals, museums or restaurants.
      Both user-collected data and travel histoy can be viewed graphically on a web interface. The application provides protection and confidentiality of data, registered users having permanet access to personal data.

      The MobiWay application can bring significant improvements in city traffic by checking traffic conditions and estimating the busiest areas and hour of the day, the ultimate goal being to reduce traffic time.
      In the CitiSim project, MobiWay is addressed not only to citizens but also to municipalities or even public transport companies, thus becoming a smart transport solution.


Author: Teodora Usurelu
Company: BEIA Consult International

CitiSim Project (TSI-102107-2016-4) has been co-financed by Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda inside National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological innovation 2013-2016 of Spain.

By funds from Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology through the program INNOGLOBAL of Spain.


And by Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI) through project PN-III-P3-3.5-EUK-2016-0043 of Romania.